Tuesday, February 28

toddler sausage fingers

January 1
Catching one last glimpse of all the Christmas decorations at the garden. Quite lucky to have this as a "back yard". 

January 2
Cyborg Room
Face Timing and scheduling an upcoming visit with Auntie Julia!

January 3
Kids Room
We are half-attempting potty training, but any time we cover Leena's nethers, she thinks it's a diaper. She's pretty cute in her training panties though.

January 4
ARC Park
Our little Ralph.

January 5
Front Yard
That brightest speck of defined white is the moon.

January 6
Nine months old (on the 1st), tatted up, and wearing a hot pink diaper. The coolest baby I know.

January 7
The snow days have started. I was determined to make the most of our forced indoor time. I think next time we will stick to water colors though. (Beginning, middle, and end.) It cleaned up off the floor real easily, but the kids both looked like they were covered in bruises for a couple days.

January 8
Front Yard
Day two. We did venture outside yesterday, but after about ten minutes Leena was weezing and nobody was happy. (Turns out she developed a pretty bad cough and cold.) So today we just enjoyed the view and the warm wood stove.

January 9
We got a frozen pipe in the shower. Luckily it just took warmer temperatures to thaw it and then things were back to normal.

January 10
Seriously getting stir crazy and Leena is feeling a little better so we went for a walk. Around the scenic parking lot of the garden.

January 11
Snow is nearly gone, but we had to do our obligatory snow day baking still. Leena loves to help mix.

January 12
Kids Room
Sporting all of her Christmas threads for school today. I know I get a kick out of Leena wearing the crazy stuff she gets from her uncles (and she seems to enjoy it too), but I wonder a little what they think at school... Who cares though!?

January 13
Living Room
Painted Leena's nails for the first time. So I had to paint mine to match. I love toddler sausage fingers so much!

January 14
He loves that mean cat, but it really is safest to observe her with a pane of glass for separation.

January 15
Just a regular walk through the hood.

January 16
Cartwheels and Coffee
Tried out this new place in Carytown and can't believe we haven't been there sooner. So much contained/easy to monitor entertainment for Leena and kids under 1 are free!

January 17
Living Room
Doing my PT exercises and getting a little extra weight resistance.

January 18
We made cookies for Julia's upcoming visit which was cemented in my brain for tomorrow. Luckily I sent her this picture to share our excitement and she politely asked how cookies were going to not get eaten for an entire week. Doh.

January 19
National popcorn day! I was really impressed that Leena didn't try to eat a single piece while doing the activity.

January 20
It's a fail day. Neither Andy nor I took a photo and I didn't even have one that I could fake (which I do on occasion. So sue me.) But here's what happened today. My sister and two of her best friends from high school came over for breakfast and we had a really nice visit.

January 21
While everyone is marching for all the reasons they are marching, I'm wishing I had figured out a way to go with both kids. But too late for that. Instead I'm spending the day with them, in one of our most usual ways, and being grateful that I get to spend almost every day with them, helping to shape them into the good people of the future.

January 22
Shady Grove
We got a Y membership and man is it great! Swimming in the winter with the kiddos is one of my new favorite activities.

January 23
This is usually how the hours of approximately 4 to 6 are spend every morning. And then occasionally afternoon nap also. I can't help but not mind the little bit of co-sleeping this guy requires.

January 24
General Assembly
Our morning date, in which we dressed like crash test dummies and awkwardly took pictures with people at the General Assembly. And got paid handsomely.

January 25
A new chalkboard. Leena is teaching Edwin how to use chalk. He hasn't gotten the no-eating memo yet.

January 26
Eye Doctor
 Edwin swats pretty hard and split my glasses right in two. I tried wearing some old glasses, but I got the worst headache after a couple hours. Luckily we had super glue, a pipe cleaner, and neon green duct tape to keep together for the mean time.

January 27
Buttermilk Bakeshop
So Julia finally came to town. (We made another batch of cookies.) We field tripped to Buttermilk and walked around historic Petersburg after stuffing our faces with delicious donuts.

January 28
Belle Isle
Our little homeless toddler, smokin on some pretzel rods. Cold, but beautiful day for a nature walk.

January 29
Animal ear headbands!

January 30
Cyborg Room
I love when something simple, like Andy's shirt, can keep Leena entertained for a good 45 minutes. Especially when the entertainment involves laying on the ground like a plaid rock or stuffing her head in the arm hole and walking around cautiously and sometimes bumping into walls.

January 31
Front Yard
Walking home from Ducky Day with her back pack under her jacket and no pants. Sounds about right.

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