Thursday, December 29

we've only known her two years

November 1
It's hard to recall specifics of the day when you are running two months behind. But I guess it's safe to say that Edwin is happy here. And seven months old.

November 2
Back Yard
The last bit of siding to go up.

November 3
Ducky and Bunker's Place
What used to be Kiki's Place is now Ducky and Bunker's (or as Leena calls them, Gila and Bintner). We had a welcome to the neighborhood dinner on the back deck.

November 4
Living Room
Speaking of Kiki...

November 5
Back Yard
A nice semi-surprise visit from Meg, a fire pit, and some wine.

November 6
Front Yard
The only good thing about this mess is that it didn't happen at Walmart, which is where we were five minutes beforehand.

November 7
Molly's Place
First day of birthday cake prep for Leena's 2nd. As long as Edwin and Alice play nicely, we can be productive. And we were!

November 8
Warner's Place
After-voting walk around the neighborhood. Leena claimed all of our votes.

November 9
Kids' Room
They are oblivious to the election results we woke up to. Also, the only time Edwin uses his crib is as a holding tank when I am getting Leena out of bed.

November 10
Day two of cake prep for Leena's 2nd. Decorating with a baby on your back: true friend, serious skill.

 November 11
Back Yard
Siding complete! Getting closer (almost) every day.

November 12
Inside and Outside
It's Leena's 2nd birthday! Decorations, cake, the birthday girl, and a rainbow of friends. It's too hard to sum up all this little girl means to us and we've only known her two years. Apologies for so many photos, but I'm the boss here.

November 13
The Colliseum
Sister's night out/I gave birth two years ago/give mom a break. Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood were everything we could've hoped for. Except for the boots I wore. Still paying the price for that, making this the most expensive concert I've ever been to.

November 14
Living Room
Our new addition, Tina the reindeer.

November 15
Now that she's two she can hold a pen correctly, not take a nap for a week, and talk way more.

November 16
Sibling bath time is more fun for everyone.

November 17
Parking Lot
If you read the warning label on the cart, this is exactly what it says NOT to do. Mom for the win.

November 18
Back Yard
It might not seem like much, but the upper siding is painted. So is the trim. Which means the outside of the building is basically complete!

November 19
Station 7
Family photo opportunity. I'd say they pulled it off.

November 20
Schemmel House
I didn't take a photo, but my sister took this one of Adah and sent it to me to use as a Christmas gift for our parents. Actually, I think it's a selfie.

November 21
Cyborg Room
Special visit from Auntie Tucker before Thanksgiving. A visit from a Roller, even if short, is always like a breath of fresh air.

November 22
Thanksgiving pie prep. Cherry by request.

November 23
Thanksgiving pies complete! Three pies for four people. The cherry was the best.

November 24
The River
Not many photos with both of them that aren't blurry. So even when they aren't even that great they count as a success.

And Leena's Thanksgiving tradition: eat the turkey leg on the bone.

November 25
The River
Serious after-nap chat with Bintner. He's probably telling her she can have anything she wants.

November 26
The River
Who wore it best?


November 27
Three Lakes
It wasn't long ago she couldn't do that by herself. So much change in so little time.

November 28
Lewis Ginter
Went to GardenFest of Lights with Sister and the Bott's. It was rainbow themed. Or at least there were several rainbow decorations. Then we had a chili dinner.

November 29
Back Patio
That's not a piece of firewood!

November 30
Lewis Ginter
We went back to see the indoor displays and the giant tree. One of the perks of being across the street. This is not Leena's typical smile so I'm glad it was captured.

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