Thursday, July 11

on a beach in june

June 7
Jennifer Nails
Mom and I preparing for beach vacation!

June 8
Dauphin Island, AL
The thrill of seeing the bridge for the first time every year never fades. I love this place.

June 9
Dauphin Island, AL
The rainy weather is keeping us indoors. But Kiki styled Adah's hair and Adah is eating a stuffed octopus so at least that is happening.

June 10
Dauphin Island, AL
Fresh piƱa coladas in hand, Dad, Andy, and I took an evening stroll down to the house that is halfway in the water.

June 11
Dauphin Island, AL
Sunny days! Great beach sitting under the tent with cousins and a puppy.

June 12
Dauphin Island, AL
We figured out that this was our 25th year coming down to DI. (Only one year missed because of the oil spill.) That seems like a worthy photo opportunity for Grandma and her girl granddaughters.

June 13
Dauphin Island, AL
Andy and I rented cruisers and went island explorin'. It's rained a bit, but that didn't slow us down.

June 14
Dauphin Island, AL
The morning of our departure Andy and I went across the street to the abandoned house to watch the sunrise.

June 15
Checking on our veggies after being gone. They're growing!

June 16
Out for a stroll while these lazy birds sit on a wire.

June 17
Laura's birthday breakfast pizza and across-the-table Facetime.

June 18
Finished Adah's birthday rabbit animal!

June 19
Front Yard
The power company took the top of our tree off the tree and put it in our yard. Thanks, dudes.

June 20
Nate's House
An accidental monochromatic (and starchy) potluck.

June 21
That there's a big moon.

June 22
National Harbor
Blowing our Big League Chew Bubbles before we go in to the piano bar to embarrass Brian for his 30th birthday.

June 23
Bott Apartment
Our friends are moving and they let their Christmas tree hang out on the porch for too long. This is the second nest to call it home. They were hoping the birdies took flight before moving day, but they didn't so I relocated them.

June 24
Fruit update: One eggplant is almost ready to pick!

June 25
Yorktown Beach
An after work mini vacation with Laura and Molly. This is what happens when we really take advantage of our out-of-work-at-2-pm schedule.

June 26
I'm standing in the bathtub to take this and Andy and Nate are straddling the toilet to hang the cabinet. That's a lot of people in not a lot of space.

June 27
Adah and Sister came over for a quick visit and Adah kept herself busy with my flip flops.

June 28
Another fruit update: Crazy squash going on in there!

June 29
I thought I bought seedless grapes. Apparently I didn't.

As if this isn't long enough already, I'm going to leave you with a link to a video I made. I'm not sure why I've become so keen on recording my (mostly mundane) daily life in several forms, but I have.
 It's fun. I don't have a great memory. And maybe I just like the project of it. 
So here on the blog I have photos. In a little book I have sentences. And on youtube I have a video. Watch it if you'd like. It's 6 minutes and it covers 365 days.

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