Thursday, August 9

we checked something off the list!

July 23
Fresh cherry and nectarine pie trying out a vegan crust. What I learned: That crust needs to bake for about two hours!

July 24
Sweet Adah. All she does is sleep.

July 25
Dining Room
Rearrangements from Mom's visit. Our dining room is now just a room with the cyborg in it.

July 26
Culinary School
One reason I like this job is because this was my dinner while at work. And that's when there was just one chocolate on my plate.

July 27
We went out to check on the dog at the Whitten's and they have a pink wheelbarrow for girl gardening.

July 28
Living Room
Adah visits for the first time and she dresses real cute for the occasion! 

July 29
Working on getting our wedding bands so we emailed a picture of my engagement ring to the guy who made it.

July 30
Church Hill
I guess if I were a bird in a cage I would want to be a bird in a cage on a front porch.

July 31
New Dining Room (ie. Sunroom)
So many people came to work wanting good bread for BLTs. I could not stop thinking about bacon so this was my solution. Homemade veggie quinoa burgers. With bacon on them.

August 1
Lewis Ginter
Butterflies alive! You can go in a room in the conservancy with hundreds of neat butterflies flying around. 
*Side note: We can now say that we are getting married next month!*

August 2
Old Dining Room
Hosting potluck. Lots of good food, drink, and company.

August 3
Club Road
This tree had arms all over the place.

August 4
Somebody brought flowers home.

August 5
Car Floorboard
I looked down on my way to work and noticed that the same somebody who brought flowers home also rainbowed my laces! Though he adamantly denies it.

August 6
We wanted to weigh Adah on the kitchen scale but it maxes out at 5 lbs. Instead we just put her in the fruit bowl.

August 7
Hugo Kohl Studio, Harrisonburg
We went to pick out our wedding bands! Hugo uses antique presses to make rings and such. There are some funny tweedle dee and dum ones on that lower shelf.

Skyline Drive
We took the scenic route home.

August 8
I could be dangling my legs over a dock in to the ocean, but it's just me getting in to bed.

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