Monday, November 8

when life makes you feel like you're in a movie

A couple good things about this working from home thing:
1. I wear my pajamas most of the day because they are warm and comfortable and no one else sees me.
2. My weekend is whatever day I want it to be, and right now there's a little bit of weekend everyday.
(See below for details.)

A couple of bad things about this working from home thing:
1. I get distracted by things like the internets and crafting.
2. I talk to myself and my cat. I need more people interaction.
(I am applying for part-time jobs)

Since we last spoke, October ended, which means Halloween happened.

For us, it was an authentic German halloween.
Andy found lederhosen in his closet and I borrowed this dirndl from his mom.

We were essentially his Oma and Opa since they wore these very articles.

The next day we went to a ropin'. Where cowboys and cowgirls rope calves. Andy's lieutenant invited us out to come watch the little competition and we had a great time! That is tough stuff and the cowboys have to pick up the calf after they lasso it to tie three of its legs together. The cowgirls just have to lasso. A little sexist but I'm okay with that because the calves weigh in the ballpark of 200+ pounds.

1. Getting Ready. 2. Racing out of the pin.

3. Pick 'er up and slam 'er down. 4. Tie them legs up real good.

The next day, Monday (see, I made my own weekend), we hiked Old Rag Mountain, which is part of Shenandoah National Park.

The road to the mountain.

Man was it beautiful. And the perfect time of year to go. A nip in the air and not a boring leaf in the house. Once we passed the tree line, the mountain becomes boulders. Big ones. They call it "the scramble" and you have to sit, slide, crawl, jump, climb, get a butt-boost (if you're short) to make it to the top.

Doing the ground scramble!

Not only are you going through this boulder obstacle course, but you remember to look up and out, and all you see are plumes of goldenrod, red, and green against the bright blue sky.

I really did feel like I was one of the tiny animals on the set of Fantastic Mr. Fox.

It was a beautiful day! And then we ate Thai food for dinner!

And then you clicked here if you wanted to look at more photos. Only if you wanted though.

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